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Why Ecosleeve?

  • 100% recyclable graphics mean your company is using the most sustainable display stand solution – we collect from you for recycling
  • Hardware is reusable resulting in less waste produced
  • Colour-fast graphics, staying vibrant for longer
  • Double-sided so increased space for more information and graphics
  • Lightweight for easy carrying and transportation
  • Quick and easy to set up, saving you time and energy
  • Lifetime guarantee on all hardware (24 hour replacement UK only)  and a five year guarantee on seams and zips

"Ecosleeve produce environment friendly products, which are very easy to reuse!"

Maria Neverova, Operations Coordinator, Capacity Media (a division of Euromoney Global Limited)


Ecosleeve Zero

New for 2020: The sleeves for the Ecosleeve Zero are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It comes in one size – 850mm wide x 2m high.

Only £98

Ecosleeve Zero
Ecosleeve 23

Ecosleeve Original

The original Ecosleeve display solution is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the roller banner stand. It comes in two sizes – 850mm or 1000mm wide and 2m or 2.3m high. Unlike a classic roller banner stand that can often lean or sway, the Ecosleeve stands tall, firm and proud.

From £122

Ecosleeve Straight Wall

The Ecosleeve Straight Wall comes in a variety of sizes to suit any display need – 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m. The perfect replacement for the Pop Up stand, it weighs a mere six kilos compared to the 20+ kilos of traditional Pop Up stands, making it one of the most portable displays of its size.

From £430

Ecosleeve 24
Ecosleeve 25

Ecosleeve Curved Wall

With all the same benefits of the Ecosleeve Straight Wall, we also offer the Ecosleeve Curved Wall to suit all design needs. It comes in 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m.

From £490

Ecosleeve Meeting Pod

The Ecosleeve Meeting Pod provides a portable, travelling meeting room that can go anywhere. Providing a 3m wide semi-enclosed space, in minutes you can have your own private meeting room that can be packed back down into a compact bag.

Only £925

Ecosleeve 26
Ecosleeve 27

Ecosleeve Sales Pod

Perfect for closing those all important sales at events and exhibitions, the Ecosleeve Sales Pod is 3m wide and comes with useful display shelves to show off your product in the best way possible.

Only £1130

Ecosleeve 3D

For a unique eye catching display system, the Ecosleeve 3D will certainly turn heads. A sturdy structure that doesn’t even require feet for stability, it’s a 2.5m wide display system that will show off your graphics perfectly.

Only £890

Ecosleeve 28
Ecosleeve 29


The LightBox is a vibrant display solution that uses the same 100% recyclable textile graphics as the rest of the Ecosleeve range. Available in 850mm, 1m and 2m, it’s backlit with low energy, low voltage and long lasting LED lights to provide a glowing image that really stands out from the crowd.

From £663

The Factory

“The Ecosleeve display system is a breath of fresh air. We love producing them, knowing that each and every one is a replacement for the display options of yesterday.”

Graham Green, MD, Just Displays

Ecosleeve 30
Ecosleeve 31
Ecosleeve 32
Ecosleeve 33

Brand Walls

Press conferences, premieres, sporting events and product launches – anywhere that there are press, photographers or video crews, you need a branded wall. An Ecosleeve is ideal for just that because it’s textile, so it’s completely non-reflective.

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